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TPS Story from TPS Heroes Giovani & Iulian

TPS Specialist Service Mechanic for overhauling Gas & Diesel Engines and Rotating Equipment Vlad, Iulian

TPS: Iulian responded very fast to the Romanian job advertisement from TPS. We were looking for a skilled Service Mechanic with relevant working experience in overhauling, repairing and service 2-/4-stroke Gas and Diesel Engines for Industrial purposes.

Within two weeks after his video interview with one of our recruiters we were able to find him a job at MAK Bolier in Dordrecht. Iulian worked there with a lot of pleasure for more than one year, currently he’s working for Van Meer Industrial Services and is doing challenging projects in Mechanical Field Service for their Rotating Equipment, Drives and other relevant mechanical jobs. Iulian has the intention to settle in the Netherlands with his family and we’re convinced we can assist him to achieve that! During his contract at TPS he found a close friend in our Romanian E&I Design Engineer Giovani, coming from the same city in Romania who has the same plan to settle here in the Netherlands. Iulian and his wife are named godfather and godmother of Giovani’s son Amza. They hope to move to the Netherlands within a year from now. Of course we are going to assist them for professional causes during this process.

TPS Specialist E&I Engineer (former Panel building Electrician), who’s designing industrial automation systems in Eplan, Bolocan, Giovani

TPS: Giovani originally applied for TPS on a Industrial Panelbuilder Electrician vacancy. Giovani was well organized and quick in the on-boarding process for his first project as a panelbuilder with TPS. Within short notice he started working for our client eRem Elektrotechniek in their workshop doing panel building. Giovani had a driving ambition to work as an Electrical Design Engineer for industrial automation and saw his chance at eRem. He made this clear by wearing a button on his working shirt everyday that said; “Trust me I’m an engineer”. One a given day the general manager from our client passed by Giovani and noted this button, the manager was positively interested and decided to give Giovani a chance. Together with our client we arranged a course for Eplan software and within a month he started his work at the engineering department. Giovani has been working at Erem already for more than 2,5 years and we’re sure this will be a long term collaboration. Good for him because he’s interested in moving from Romania with his family here to the Netherlands. What’s admirable about Giovani is that he was able to adapt really fast in the Dutch culture, he received a lot of support from his colleagues at eRem and we are convinced his decision to start working in the Netherlands was the right one!

Watch the video below where Giovani & Iulian share their story to get inspired!


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