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TPS Story from TPS Hero Lorin Mihail

TPS Specialist Industrial Electrician & Electrician Supervisor Lorin Mihail Iliuciuc

TPS: Lorin came to TPS end august in 2018. Lorin is an all-round electrician with broad Industrial experiences and orientation in his backpack. His professional career path in the 2,5 years has been great. Starting out as a Panelbuilder Electrician, moving to Marine & Shipyard Electrician and growing into a befriended and well-appreciated team leader on a big Datacenter here in the Netherlands where he’s been working for more than 1,5 year for our client MTU. This contract gave him the confidence and stability he was looking for as he moved very quickly into the Netherlands with his wife and children. He has settled very well here and is happy to be a Dutch citizen. We are proud of this collaboration and we are very sure that this professional friendship will lead to more success in the future.

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