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If there is one industry that is depending on flawless electrical engineering, it’s definitely the industry. Factories are full of cabling, steelwork and switchboards that provide the machinery with power. Without it, a factory can not operate.

Our technicians have worked for a.o. SPIE, Hoppenbrouwers and Actemium. In this industry, we often need technical staff such as

  • Electricians
  • Panel builders
  • Commissioning Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Cable Engineers
  • Service Mechanics

In factories or datacenters, a lot of the processes are automated to achieve the highest efficiency. To guarantee this, it is crucial that the E&I systems are placed, checked and replaced correctly. And that’s our job!

We mostly work on projects in the food industry, petrochemistry and in datacenters. We have done several projects for companies such as SPIE, Hoppenbrouwers and Actemium.

What are we looking for?

There are a lot of technical jobs in this industry. We have already placed electricians, electrical engineers, service mechanics, commissioning engineers, panel builders and cable pullers who worked on various projects in The Netherlands.

Are you interested in working on one of our projects in the industry? Please apply to one of our vacancies!


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