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Alexandru: Electrician at TPS

Name: Alexandru
Profession: Electrician
Employee since: 2019

“I wasn’t particularly looking for TPS when I started searching for a job. When I visited the website, it looked like any other company where they recruit workers for different electrical jobs. I uploaded my cv, like I also did with other recruiting companies. TPS was not the first to call but they did give me a positive answer in the fastest way.

The TPS team is honest and trustworthy. As an employer they not only gave me a job, but they gave me the pleasure of working! Working for TPS in teams unlocks strong motivation to do greater things or to start something new. 

TPS ensures me to be more organized, even when chaos is my normality. Since I started my collaboration with TPS I can see and feel this aspect growing inside my mind without any disturbance to that same "normality". It puts a smile on my face when I think about the future."

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