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Eugen Ivan: Electrician at TPS

Name: Eugen Ivan
Profession: Electrician
Employee since: 2019

"I am Eugen Ivan, an active person with a rich professional background, and, despite my age, I was never afraid to take up new challenges in which I saw growth opportunities. In early 2019, my professional route took me to The Netherlands – where I have discovered a very welcoming and beautiful country, and above all, with a huge potential. Starting from August – I have had the opportunity to meet the TPS team, where I have been part of various exciting and motivating projects.  

Here, I can name some of them - Silicon Theatre Scenery B.V., Ravebo B.V., Storm System B.V., MTU Benelux B.V. where I have had the change to put my skills up to good use, making sure that the results are meeting and overpassing the beneficiary’s requirements.          

I have been particularly pleased with the support that I have received from the team, where I felt I belong from the very beginning, as everyone has been encouraging and supportive. Everyone in TPS is a high-class professional, showing nothing but open collaborative approach, strong ethics and respect. Due to this welcoming and experienced set-up, I felt highly motivated to put in my best efforts to become part of the team and to deliver top performance results. This has never felt as a burden, but as an opportunity to pay back what I have received in this environment.   

Professionally, every project was a new step forward towards delivering expected outcome. Having an entire team supporting me every step of the way made everything so much more attainable. Besides this, the opportunity has been great also at a personal level, as I got the chance to meet extraordinary people, collegial and outspoken – making me feel closer to home in a way. 

I thank you for all your support so far and I am looking forward to future collaborations." 

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