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Florin Andrei: Electrical Engineer at TPS

Name: Florin Andrei
Profession: Electrical engineer
Employee since: 2019

"I was born and raised in Tulcea, the small town at the gates of the Danube Delta. I studied the basics of electrical engineering at the Henri Coanda Technical College. And I started working in AKER YARDS Shipyard for two years, after that I decided to make one more step ahead. In 2009 after completed several trainings I start working on Sea going Vessels like Bulk Carriers and Tanker Vessels. 

Description Personal experiences with TPS
Working at sea became to be a hard job, stressful and for this reason I put it to an end. Last year I started to look forward for another type of work and I found TPS.  I applied and was contacted by Jim Touw.  After the phone interview I received more information about the job and the way to reach The Netherlands. I was happy and pleased when I reached the head office of TPS in Breda. I met TPS STAFF they gave me a warm welcome and from that time I realized one thing, that my life has changed in the good way. 

TPS in three words
Trusted, professional, worthy word."

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