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Giovani: Engineer at TPS

Name: Giovani
Profession: Panel builder/engineer
Employee since: 2018

Giovani started at TPS as a panel builder and worked for our client eReM in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. It turned out that he was an excellent technician who was eager to learn more. Whilst working as a panel builder, he wore a button on his overall with the line “Trust me, I’m an engineer!”. This was quickly noticed by eRem, who gave him the opportunity to prove himself as an electrical engineer.

Because of his experience, he learned quickly. At this moment, Giovani is working as an electrical engineer for several projects. When it’s busy, he still likes to work in the workshop as a panel builder.

We love people with ambition, and we are always looking for talented people such as Giovani. Do you have what it takes?

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