Industrial Maintenance Technician



Salary per week (net)

€680,00 - €800,00

Benefits for you

Housing with private bedroom, a company car including fuel, hand tools, personal protection equipment and health insurance is covered and arranged by TPS.


TPS has continuous requests from clients in the industrial sectors for Maintenance Technicians. Are you an industrial maintenance technician and looking for long-term maintenance and troubleshooting work in the Netherlands? Do you like finding malfunctions in production lines environments, troubleshooting with automated machinery, perform electrical and mechanical maintenance work on industrial machinery like conveyor belts, packing machines, palletizing machines, robots and other relevant industrial equipment? Most production companies we work with are looking for the solutions to problems with machines connected to their internal conveyor systems. If this is what you have been doing on a daily base or if it's something you see yourself doing best. Then we are looking for you!

There are 30 companies, 25 different locations and 120 colleagues waiting for your expertise to build the greatest projects. Join TPS.

What can you expect from TPS?

  • An excellent salary: you can earn between €680,00- €800,00 per week.
  • Accommodation is paid and provided by TPS.
  • Working weeks ranging from 40 - 55 hours work.
  • Would you like to work for a longer period of time? No problem, stable future work perspective is our focus. Do you prefer short projects? We can always help you with that too.
  • You will receive a company car including free gasoline for all work related kilometers.
  • TPS has annual budget available for personal development e.g. job required certificates and relevant courses.

Functie omschrijving

Our clients are industrial production companies which look for industrial technicians that can perform their electrical- and mechanical maintenance including relevant installations for new and existing industrial production lines and related automated machinery. Based on the electrical and mechanical diagrams and manuals you will have the following working activities:

  • The electro technical and mechanical troubleshooting and maintaining of machines, all kinds of equipment and other technical installations in an industrial environment.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance of the industrial machinery inside factories, powerplants or chemical plants.
  • Maintenance and repairs for a building or technical installations
  • Finding malfunctions and troubleshooting efficiently to find out where the process has crashed. Malfunctions have priority over other working activities. After a discussion with colleagues or superiors follows a plan of approach and action list and you will be required to carry out the necessary work to resolve the malfunction.
  • Next to finding faults you will also execute daily maintenance to different parts of the (production)lines. These can be both electrical and mechanical in nature. Most of the time there are work documents made by the Head of Technical Sercice where is described what needs to be done. This maintenance can be part of the planned maintenance program or can be unplanned.
  • Working with and reading of PLC software can occur. In Industry the mainstream PLC's in use are of Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradly and Beckhoff.
  • Modifying and/or replacing cables/cabling on machines and control cabinets and/or switchboards/power distribution cabinets. In addition, changing cabling of sensors and other equipment. Repairing and installing pressure-level-temperature transmitters, actuators, (electro)mechanical control valves, pumps and motors. By improving and optimizing processes or preventing reoccuring malfunction can require technical modifications. This can also be PLC's.
  • Terminate cables from 0mm2 - 10mm2
  • Terminate power cables from 10mm2 - 120mm2
  • Pull cables, bundle cables with proper organizing and tie cables where necessary

The client will expect you to work nice, with a good and efficient working pace and with care for quality.
The working week can range from 40-58 hours per week.

Functie eisen

  • You are experienced with troubleshooting in an industrial environment.
  • You have demonstrated experience with solving both electrical and mechanical malfunctions and crashes in industrial processes.
  • You are able to read and understand electrical and mechanical diagrams independently.
  • You have a diploma as Electromechanic Technician or Electromechanical engineer or at least in the Mechanical or Electrical field focused on Automation.
  • You have at least two years experience with cabling and connection work on machines and electrical cabinets.
  • You have at least two years experience with installing and repairing mechanical parts for industrial processes.
  • You have at least three years experience as an industrial maintenance technician, experience in a Food and/or Pharmaceutical Industry is a big plus.
  • You have a good level of English in speaking and reading.
  • You must have a valid driving license Cat. B.


TPS is the recruitment company for European technical specialists! Our core business is to provide the best and most challenging jobs to technical Maintenance Techncian specialists. Does this specialist profile match with you and are you interested in working in the Netherlands? TPS is always looking for ambitious talent and skilled workforce! We are a technical recruitment agency based in Breda, the Netherlands. With over 10 years of experience in recruiting technical specialists in European countries, we know what our clients need and, most importantly, what you need as an employee.


  • Weekly paid net salary range: from €680,00 - €800,00.
  • The best suited projects for your wants and needs.
  • TPS consultants who are available to facilitate and help with questions (housing, personal consults with projects or anything else you wish to discuss).
  • Good and qualitative accommodation is paid and provided by the company; a private bedroom, shared kitchen, bathroom and internet etc. is provided and coordinated by TPS.
  • We follow the SNF Dutch Housing norms for temporary workers. This means comfortable housing at all times.
  • VCA safety certificate and BSN number are arranged and paid for by TPS.
  • Health insurance is included and arranged by TPS through a Dutch healthcare insurer that is committed to ensuring good healthcare which is always at hand.
  • Every employee will have TPS company car transport available. The TPS company car is free of charge including gasoline for all professional/work related kilometers.
  • If you come with your personal car you will receive €0,23 for work related kilometers for commuting.

TPS aims to be passionate, professional and reliable. We want to help you become a better version of yourself, we will do this together. Let's go further!

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